Almoners were the caretakers of Labuga'al's domesticated mountain dragons, as well as the refiners of the wryms' oil. Mountain dragon oil was a valuable fuel used throughout Adaven for cooking, illumination and warmth.

Majority of Labuga'al's domesticated dragon herds were in the almoners' care. However, any of their beasts were welcome property of the resident augurs, who occasionally took dragons from the large herds into their own, segregated ones.


Almoners were part of Labuga'al's Dragon Rank alongside the augurs.

Three to five almoners were responsible for each pack of more than twenty domesticated dragons. Primarily, they would lose them to the hunt on days of good weather and return them to their spacious shelters built into the mountain afterwards. They would feed the dragons smoked meat in lean times, as well as tend to any wyrm who was injured or sick.

The process of extracting and refining dragon oil was first discovered by an early member of the Great House of Labuga'al, and was jealously guarded ever since. As such, almoners given the knowledge were required to either be descended from or married into one of the many branches of the noble family. Even mere suspicions of the information being given out was punished swiftly by members of their own branch.

Since dragon oil came from their representatives of divinity, almoners never sold it. Instead, the substance was gifted or awarded periodically to members of the Goat or Horse Rank who had performed some great act of service to the region. Often, this oil was in turn sold for a staggering profit outside of Labuga'al by vicars.

In reflection of the social organization of the region, almoners lived in close proximity to the dragons. Most had homes clustered around the highest reachable point of the mountain, or within the cavern housing the noble family.