Augurs were the mystics of Labuga'al, intimately tied to the region's embodiment of divinity, the mountain dragons. They were said to be able to hear the Voice of the dragons, which told them of oncoming natural disasters.

Unlike almoners, they did not keep herds of dragons. Instead, individuals were paired with a single dragon with which to commune.


In the social hierarchy of Labuga'al, the augurs represented half of the highest class, the Dragon Rank.

Families of augurs would only keep a handful of dragons at a time, but the beasts were often the oldest and wisest of any nearby herds. They would not breed the dragons as the almoners did, but would seek out new elders in the wild or in other Ga'al herds should their own dragons die.

Augur dragons were often distinguishable from those of larger domestic herds by intricate leather harnesses. They were allowed to wander freely in the region, but they more often chose to stay near members of the house that had adopted them.

It was considered a serious crime for any person to harm an augur dragon, however, since they were pack animals by nature, the lone dragons were not always safe. Injuries were often caused by the wilder mountain dragons, which would occasionally enter the settled territories. However, these acts were accepted as duels of fate - beyond man's capability to judge - and were never punished.

All augurs lived within the cavern of the mountain region's highest peak.