Desert dragons were large wyrms found in the arid desert called the Vastness. Fiercely territorial, the dragons would stake claim on large stretches of wasteland and attack travelers or other dragons that crossed them.

Members of the Great House of Adavene would seek to tame the dragons for prestige within their family, as well as to strengthen their house's reputation of power in all of Adaven. However, few of these expeditions ever proved successful, and most royals able to do so would eventually be appointed as the head of their family.

Physical descriptionEdit

Desert dragons were scaled, bipedal creatures with leathery wings. Their powerful wings could carry them to great heights, and they could soar on the desert thermals for long distances.

They were well protected against both rivals and the elements by thick, craggy scales. These scales were arranged evenly along the torso, legs and tail, but rose in unique crowns at the dragon's brow and upper neck.


Adult dragons were rarely found in family groups, and would only be seen either alone or with a single mate. Young would be cared for until adolescence, before being driven out of their parents' territory to find hunting grounds of their own.