Itsekh was the primary religion of Labuga'al. It was commonly also called the Divinity of Reach.

Originating from the mountain region, it likened the high-reaching crags as the steps on the path to divinity. Animals living at lofty heights, particularly the desert and mountain dragons, were seen as sacred. Aquatic creatures, such as the leviathans, were regarded as woefully far from divinity.

The tradition also stated that every family was bound to and guided by specific animals. People thus shared the rank of these guiding animals, and were charged with their protection and care.


The leader of the Great House of Labuga'al always came from the local guild of augurs; mystics who closely communed with mountain dragons to hear warnings or prophecies regarding weather or natural disasters.

In times of harvest or famine, the people of the region would pray to stone carvings of elderly dragons, or to the roaming augur dragons. Augur dragons wore intricate leather harnesses to distinguish them from the lesser, yet still respected, almoner dragons.

Harming or killing a dragon was punishable by death.


Dragon RankEdit

The highest tier was the Dragon rank. Every member of this rank in Labuga'al was either an augur or an almoner; the only two job classes permitted to handle dragons. Since they cared for the embodiment of divinity, they also stood at the head of the religion.

Adaven's royal family was also placed at the Dragon rank, due to their close proximity to the desert dragons. In some ways, due to the larger dragons' ability of flight, even the noble family of Labuga'al saw them as closer to divinity than they.

Goat RankEdit

The second tier was made up of the wrights and travelling merchant vicars. They formed the majority of the mountain people.

Those of the Goat rank were respected in their own way, since even though dragons were revered, goats were recognized to be the most useful of beasts, providing not only food, but clothing, leather-work and weaponry as well.

Horse RankEdit

The third tier, the Horse rank, was divided into the sexton farmers and the armed cavalry, the missionaries.

They did not live on the mountains themselves, since only the plains were reasonably fertile; but this resulted in those of the Horse rank being somewhat belittled. Arguably though, since they controlled majority of the region's food supply, they held the heaviest influence of any of the Ga'als.

Leviathan RankEdit

Outsiders of Labuga'al, with the exception of the inhabitants of the Vastness, were appropriated to the fourth and lowest tier, the Leviathan rank.

Due to the low-lying seas and swamps in which the leviathans dwelled, the associated populace of Raken and Hasolere were seen as significantly far from divinity. Such a gap caused many devout of Labuga'al to shun outsiders altogether.


Only the wandering, landless tribes of the Anozir were considered unworthy of any rank. Due to their distance from any sort of wyrm, the Unranked were barely regarded by the Ga'als as civilized people.

The Unranked were the target of Labuga'al's earliest recorded war and crusade. The Anozir were hunted down in the wide desert wastes to be persuaded (amicably or forcibly) back to divinity, by settling permanently in any of the other three regions.