The Adavene Warlords, were the ruling clan of all of Adaven. Indigenous inhabitants of the desert Vastness, they are a ruthless, dragon riding tribe of Anozir who were feared by all.

A single, might and communal tribe, they are considered the greatest military force in all of the continent despite their smaller number and reside within the Tower, an impregnable fortress at the center of the Vastness. All other Nations regularly sent them tribute in the form of supplies, manpower and other valuable goods.

Relationship with their SubjectsEdit

Since they lived within a harsh climate, the Adavene were also dependent on the tributes provided by the other regions.

The Adavene were rarely seen outside of their tower, save for during the periodic meetings of the Adaven Council.


During the last known congregation of the Council of Adaven, unlike all years previously, the delegates of Hasolere, Labuga'al and Raken were not received at the gates.

Further investigation of the fortress led them to find the dead bodies of all the servants of the Adavene, but the Adavene themselves were nowhere to be found. Their fate and whereabouts are yet to be known and their disappearance has instigated the fight for control of the Empire.