The Great House of Labuga'al was made up of the spiritual rulers of the Labuga'al mountains. Though there was only a single head of the great house, all members were seen as envoys between the people and the animals that they worshiped.

Those of the noble family were charged with the protection and rearing of the mountain dragons, who they saw as embodiments of divinity. As such, the members were considered the highest of the caste system, the Dragon Rank.

The nobles were commonly either dragonherds responsible for the dragons themselves, or refiners in charge of the dragons' oil.


In adherence to the litters born to dragons, it was common for members of the noble family to bear many children. As such, the family had several branches, though they were all considered to be of the same rank, except for the head of the family.

Every person born into the noble family was said to be able to hear the Voice of the mountain dragons. When choosing a successor, the head of the family did not consider age, gender, or whether or not the candidate was their direct descendant. Instead, they evaluated the person's skill in handling dragons, which reflected how well they could hear the Voice.

Members of the middle rank of Labuga'al who showed promise in handling dragons were permitted to become dragonherds or refiners and marry into the noble family.

Public RelationsEdit

Aside from the wealth they gained from dragon oil, the noble family occasionally collected payment for Hearings. People of the lower ranks - outsiders and residents of Labuga'al alike - would come to ask for their opinion on the safety of certain land or sea trade routes, based on the Voice of the dragons.

Though almost all outsiders of Labuga'al were scorned by the noble family, due to the lowly Leviathan Rank that they held, the Great House of Adavene was an exception. In respect to the powerful desert dragons of the central desert, the noble family saw the royals as closer to divinity than even themselves.

Just as the noble families of Hasolere and Raken did, the Labuga'al nobles paid regular tributes to the royal family.