Hasolere referred to the vast wetlands that encompassed the south eastern portion of Adaven. Known as a center for science and medicine, Hasolere was the most isolated of all the regions.

Physical and Historical FeaturesEdit

A day's travel south of Adaven and east of Raken, the country of Hasolere's borders began as wasteland turned to marsh. The outlining areas were sparsely populated, with only small communities of farm folk living together away from the more populated urban areas.


Fer (Outer Hasolere)Edit

The borders of Hasolere were composed of farmlands.

Arb (Greater Hasolere)Edit

The midlands of Hasolere.

Grot (Central Hasolere)Edit

The deepest part of Hasolere was the Metropolis of Grot. It was the smallest of the regions in terms of land area but largest in terms of population.


The outermost areas of the the territory did not experience much rain and were fairly warmer than the rest of Hasolere.

The areas northward, closer to Adaven were arid mashes whose water source came mostly from rivers and other bodies of water that flowed outward from the greater Hasolere. To the east towards Raken, the area more resembled fens, having the most amount of solid land in all of Hasolere.

Though the climate varied on the different parts of the outer lands, the deeper into Hasolere, the thicker the swamp became. The most densely populated Grot was also the most humid area and where the thickness of the trees prevented sunlight from really coming in.


The predecessors of the Hasolere settled in the swamplands as a way to isolate and protect themselves from the dangers of the other regions. The ancient Hasolere were a reclusive shamanic people, who did not mingle or interact with outsiders and kept most of their advancements and innovations within their own communities.

During the era of conquest, Hasolere was the last of the regions to have been conquered due to the secretive nature of their cities and that the environment made it difficult for other forces to access. However, the Hasolere put up no opposition to the Adavene Warlords and were the only kingdom that allowed themselves to be subjugated.

The Hasolere viewed the Adavene as a necessary evil to maintain order in the world.

Peoples and CustomsEdit

Racial DiversityEdit

The People of Hasolere have descended from exiles and outcasts of different regions, who all sought out a more peaceful environment.


The Hasolere religion worships Order as a divine force which needs to be maintained. Order, as they believe, while not a sentient force, is a divine state of being that once achieved, benefits all people and allows them to live their lives to the fullest.

Because of this belief, the Hasoleri put more importance on a hollistic state of order than in their individual desires, as they believe once they achieve order, all will work out for them for the better.

Their religion is part of all aspects of life in Hasolere.

Ethics and ValuesEdit

The citizens of Hasolere think themselves enlightened, spiritual people.


Social OrganizationEdit

Social Classes

Commerce, Trade, and Public LifeEdit



In comparison to the other territories of Adaven, Hasolere was ruled by an Elective Monarchy ruled by a single Sovereign and their Premiers.

Structure Edit

Hasolere has a centralized government made up of several Premierships that take care of the different aspects of Hasoleri society and are headed by their Sovereign. While each premiership takes care of their respective areas, the Sovereign's responsibility is overseeing the premiers.

Premiership Responsibilites Current Premier
The Premiership of Order Handles is the administration and management on every level of government. Sovereign Deka Amir Epitiro
The Premiership of Pabulum Responsible for all food and nutrition in Hasolere, both with regards to the production and distribution. Dio Mirae Tirofi
The Premiership of Caparison Takes care of the production and advancement of clothing and adornments. Tiria Rafi Endio
The Premiership of Transit In charge of transportation and travel within and around Hasolere. Dio Kadios Diadromi
The Premiership of Medicine Looks after the health and wellness of all who live in Hasolere. Tiria Aro Evekias
The Premiership of Infrastructure Handles the basic equipment and structures such as buildings and roads in Hasolere. Dio Osana Ipodomi
The Premiership of Inquiry Responsible for all documentation and communication of knowledge and information in Hasolere. Tiria Dominika Matisi
The Premiership of Energy Heads the production and regulation of all light in Hasolere. Dio Sian Afsima

Succession Edit

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