Hasoleri names are made up of three parts, their Appellation, Given name & Surname. With the exception of their Given name, Hasoleri names are dynamic and can often change as they go through life.

(This page is on the naming conventions of Hasoleri Culture. See here for tips and guidelines on how to create a Hasoleri name.)

Given Names Edit

Hasoleri are only given a single name at birth (although a single name may be up to two words long) and use their primary care-giver's name as their surname until such time they enter into formal education.

Surnames Edit

Upon entering into formal education, they take as a surname the institution which they are enrolled in. Switching schools means changing surnames, and those who redo their formal education after once completeing it must take the name of their current institute. As a sign of respect, some Hasoleri who put themselves as students under individual masters take their master's given name as their surnames.

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Appellations Edit

Hasoleri appellations are added before a person'd given name. These denote the person's educational attainment and social standing among their peers.

These titles are:

Miden Given to one who has not completed formal education.
Enas Given to one who has completed formal education.
Dio Given to an expert or someone at the level of being to pass knowledge down to others.
Tiria Given to a master or one who has achieved or developed something of note in their field.
Deka Given to one who's knowledge is unsurpassable and top in their field. The title of Deka cannot be revoked.