Missionaries were the cavalry and guardsmen of Labuga'al. As members of the low Horse Rank, they were not well regarded by their countrymen, but were necessary security for any venturing through the hostile deserts at Adaven's center.

Every missionary was a trained equestrian, and most favored the use of the longbow or curved sword.


Once simply mounted messengers sent out by the Great House of Labuga'al to spread the belief of the divinity of dragons, extremely few missionaries returned home. Commonly, they were lost to roving bandits or to the understandably paranoid and heavily-guarded caravans of Raken or the Anozir.

Rigorous training with weapon and horse started as merely self-defense, but merchants almost immediately saw their value as security detail and enlisted their service. Styling themselves as something between mercenary and herald, missionaries began accompanying any caravan leaving the region, eventually even acting as escort to the noble family.

Should other travelers meet a missionary along the many provincial roads, the missionaries were equally likely to speak peaceably or attack outright. Such unpredictability was frowned upon by some, but it admittedly added to the missionaries' effectiveness and reputation.