Sea leviathans were huge, scaled wyrms found in the waters of Raken. They had a hard exterior that resembled rocks, and were known for guarding treasure and underwater ruins.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sea leviathans were the largest of Adaven's wyrms, and could grow to a length longer than two ships.

The eyes of leviathans had a colorful, illuminated glow, which would flicker visibly in the sea at night. Such a display gave rise to several superstitious beliefs of the people of Raken.

Their diet consisted mostly of large fish.


Leviathans were mostly feared and left alone, but the noble family would sometimes sail out to hunt them. Not aggressive by nature, sea leviathans were more likely to dive and flee, rather than face an enemy when under attack.

However, they were also very protective. When their young were threatened, leviathans would use their teeth and sheer bulk to damage entire fleets of ships.