Sextons were Labuga'al's local farmers and hostlers, and were often regarded as wardens of the land itself. They tamed the wild horse herds in the mountain plains, and worked the nearly unyielding lands for hard-won crops.

They lived exclusively at the base of Labuga'al's mountains.


Of the low Horse Rank, sextons held no direct standing in the region's politics. However, since they were the only source of crops in the region's harsh climate, sly or implied manipulation of their provisions was of equal influence to any of the higher ranks' religious or functional power.

Their farms mainly produced root crops, which were sold both within and outside of the region.

The draft horses cared for by the sextons were the sturdiest of any breed in Adaven, given they were not particularly fleet-footed or agile. Their horses were used for plow work, transportation of goods up the steep mountain paths, and as reliable mounts of the armed missionaries.