Vicars acted as the mediators of the Ga'als and other citizens of Adaven. Most commonly, they transported and sold dragon oil, leather-work, crops and other products in the continental markets.

As part of the middle Goat Rank, they were seen as the best compromise for representing the region.


Vicars started their mercantile business after the proclamation by the Great House of Labuga'al that valuable dragon oil could never be sold in the region. As a gift from their symbols of divinity, the extracted and refined oil could only be given by almoners as a reward to worthy Ga'als. It was the early vicars who took the time and effort to bring the oil to the other regions, establishing amiable connections with other traveling merchants in the process.

Aside from entrusting their crafts and produce to the keen vicars, other people of Labuga'al also asked them to be intermediaries for inter-region trade alliances or marriages.

As per Labuga'al's belief that members of each rank must remain in close proximity with their guiding animals, vicars made use of harness goats to deliver most of their goods to Adaven's markets. Horses were present in their caravans only as the mounts of their mercenary guards, or to pull carts of the heavy, jarred dragon oil.