Wrights were both craftsmen and goatherds of Labuga'al, and comprised of majority of the region's population. They were of the middle-class Goat Rank, and lived along the flatland or lower levels of the mountain range.


In reverence to their guiding animals, families of wrights all cared for their own goats, and would only use materials from their own herds. They would take meat, milk, fur or hide to be manipulated for any of their varied crafts.

Most wrights specialized in the production of milk, the shearing and weaving of fur clothing, or in horn crafts. Butchery and tanning of goat hides was not uncommon, but were more strictly enforced by the nobles and guardsmen. Any irreverence or unnecessary discomfort caused to the animals was not tolerated.

Warm, heavy cloaks and tunics, as well as equally hardy leather armor, were the most common craft to be handed over to vicars to be sold outside of Labuga'al.